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OC Auto Consultants was established in 2004 for one sole reason, to protect the interests of the consumers and prospective automobile buyers.  While vehicle manufacturers spend heavily on TV, newspaper and multimedia advertising to lure potential buyers to their brand and their vehicle dealerships continually train their sales/finance staff to maximize dealer profits, there has never been an organization whose main function is to protect the interests of the consumer and advising the buying public in their vehicle selection, purchase and leasing needs.

With more than 30 brands, more than 350 distinct models of automobile and hundreds of factory subsidized specials that vary from month to month, the process of selecting the right vehicle, selecting the correct method of transaction, choosing the right factory special available, locating the exact model of vehicle with the desired color/options and negotiating the lowest possible price has become as complicated and confusing as ever.  A process that is currently accompanied with an unnecessarily excessive amount of waste of time and money as well as a large degree of hassle, headache and apprehension among US prospective automobile buyers.

OC Auto Consultants was established to increase the efficiency of every step involved in the vehicle selection and shopping process, thus reducing this excessive amount of waste of time and money and eliminating all the hassle and apprehension involved in the current process.

Because OC Auto Consultants works with all 30 vehicle brands in US and every single make and model, we do not have any specific brand biases and have created an unbiased neutral environment suitable for consulting with our clients in order to help them select the make/model that is the most suitable for their lifestyle, driving needs and financial situation. Furthermore, OC Auto Consultants does not have any financial relationship with automobile dealerships or the automakers. We receive 100% of our fees directly from our clients who are the automobile buyers. Moreover, the fact that our fees are independent of the selling price of the specific vehicle and the brand of the vehicle sold allows us to perform a completely unbiased consultation in order to help our clients choose the most suitable vehicle at the lowest possible price.

The company founder, Mr. Shahram Soroudi, has an extensive 20+ year experience in the automobile industry which expands his academic background, work experience for automakers and dealership sales experience.  Mr. Soroudi has an incredible personal passion for automobiles and driving and he has been involved with automobiles for the past 24 years, since he was 18 years old.  He received his Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering with concentration in Automotive Engineering from the University of Michigan in 1992.  From 1992 to 2000, Mr. Soroudi worked at Ford Motor Company as an automotive engineer. His various assignments at Ford included automotive component engineering, vehicle safety engineering, CAE (Computer Aided Engineering), vehicle suspension/ride/handling development, market research, long range product planning and manufacturing engineering. One of his most useful assignments was his 2 year assignment as a vehicle test and development engineer where he performed an engineering testing and evaluation of hundreds of Ford and competitive vehicles.  Today, when going from dealership to dealership for vehicle test drives and evaluations in order to recommend the most suitable vehicle to his clients, Mr. Soroudi relies heavily on that practical experience acquired at Ford.

In 2000, Mr. Soroudi went back to the University of Michigan Business school to obtain his MBA.  While getting his MBA with concentration in market research and CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index), Mr. Soroudi tailored his MBA projects toward the automobile industry. His most interesting MBA project was a one year project that was the initial conception of OC Auto Consultants. During this project, Mr. Soroudi and his MBA team analyzed all the steps that prospective automobile buyers use in the vehicle selection and shopping process and came up with practical implementable solutions to improve the efficiency of every single step involved, thus reducing the waste of time and money as well as eliminating the hassle involved in every step of this process. The investigations and analysis performed by Mr. Soroudi and his MBA team during this comprehensive one year project are the stepping stones for the eventual conception of OC Auto Consultants in 2005.

After receiving his MBA in 2002, Mr. Soroudi decided to obtain some hands-on sales experience and obtain a personal feel for the interaction between the consumers (prospective automobile buyers) and the vehicle distributors (dealerships).  He initially worked for one of the largest Toyota dealerships in United States for one year.  He then spent one more year at a Luxury dealership, Infiniti, which is one of the fastest growing luxury brands in the US.  His close observation of the one-on-one interaction of consumers and vehicle dealerships afforded Mr. Soroudi additional insight into the techniques and strategies by which dealerships take advantage of automobile buyers by tricking them into purchasing their brands and vehicles in dealer inventory while trying to squeeze out the maximum possible profit out of each transaction.

In 2005, Mr. Soroudi established OC Auto Consultants, an organization created to protect the interests of consumers and prospective automobile buyers.  For the past 7 years, OC Auto Consultants has successfully consulted with more than 6000 clients in their vehicle selection, purchase and leasing needs and has helped these clients in choosing the most suitable vehicle at the lowest possible price.

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