Selecting the Right Vehicle

With the proliferation of vehicle models in the US market, selecting the most suitable make/model of the vehicle has become a very complicated, confusing and time-consuming process for the US Consumer.  The number of distinct models of automobiles available in the US market has grown from 200 in year 1990 to more than 350 models today.  For example, while the $40K+ luxury SUV intenders had only one choice in 1990, today they have more than 25 choices in that market segment.  Traditional automobile selection processes used for many years often involve relying on past buying experiences, listening to advise from friends and relatives, chasing newspaper and TV ads or relying on often inaccurate information obtained from biased car sales people at auto dealerships. 

Unfortunately, the majority of the current automobile buyers use the dealership environment as the venue for their research required to select the most suitable automobile for their needs.  The reality is that an auto dealership showroom is not the right research or consultation environment, as the car salesmen have generally no interest or qualification for evaluating the customers driving needs, have insufficient or inaccurate information about the vehicles made by competitors and are sometimes even insufficiently knowledgeable about even the vehicles that they themselves are selling. The dealership sales staff generally have 2 ultimate goals, sell the specific brand of vehicle at the showroom at the highest possible profit as their personal commission is often a percentage of the gross profit made on the vehicle they just sol.  Thus, any information transferred from a salesman to the potential customer is generally biased toward achieving the above 2 goals.

OC Auto Consultants has established an unprecedented environment for performing 100% unbiased consulting and information transfer, in order to assist the clients in selecting the absolute most suitable automobile that meets their needs with the goal of completely protecting the consumers interests.  Unlike the specific auto dealerships that generally works with only one or two brands of automobile, OC Auto Consultants works with all 30 different brands of automobiles in the US market and it is not important for our consultants which brand of automobile the client ends up buying or leasing, as long as the specific brand is the one that matches the clients needs/budget best. 

Furthermore, since we have zero financial relationship with dealerships (we collect 100% of our fee from our clients) and our fees are not a commission or a percentage of the gross profit, this allows our consultants to concentrate on obtaining the lowest possible transaction price, interest rate or lease rate for our clients. Decoupling of the vehicle brand and vehicle selling price from our fees is the key for allowing OC Auto Consultants to offer the perfect unbiased environment for information and data-based consultation. 

In order to assist our clients in selecting the most suitable vehicle among the 350 or so potential distinct automobile models available in the US market, OC Auto Consultants uses a very organized and systematic elimination process in order to find the automobile that most suitably matches the client’s needs, desires, driving style and budget


Evaluation and analysis of the prospective buyers driving style, method of vehicle usage and priorities is the single most important step in selecting the correct automobile for the client.  Unfortunately, while being the most critical step, this step has often been skipped or overlooked in the traditional automobile selection processes.  In order to assist our clients in selecting the most suitable automobile among the 350+ available options in US market, OC Auto Consultants product specialists have to get a comprehensive understanding of the clients automobile needs, desires and priorities.  In order to gain such comprehensive insight, the following detailed information are obtained during the initial phone conversation with our clients:

  • The primary drivers age, height, weight, physical restrictions and driving experience:  This information if often needed in order to select the specific vehicle with the best combination of seat comfort, leg room, head room, shoulder room, driving position, outside visibility, ease of entry/exit and relative position of primary controls including the  steering wheel, gas/brake pedals and gear shifter
  • The type of roads routinely driven:  Is the majority of daily driving routes high-speed open highways, stop and go traffic, mountainous highways with sharp curves or some combination of the above
  • The condition of the roads routinely driven:  Are the roads driven smooth or is the pavement generally in a bad condition?  Does the driver require any off-road driving capabilities?  Does the driver often encounter adverse driving conditions such as snow, ice or slick surfaces
  • The duration of the daily trips and distances driven:  Both the time duration of daily vehicle usage and distance driven need to be thoroughly analyzed in order to prioritize vehicle attributes such as seat comfort, fuel economy and tire wear.  Furthermore, based on the general laws of probability, drivers who drive long distances or have long daily usage of their vehicle are at a higher risk of accidents and consequently need to prioritize vehicle safety attributes accordingly.
  • Number of passengers routinely transported and their heights/weights:  Generally needed to choose the vehicle with the most suitable combination of head/shoulder/leg rooms in the 2nd row and/or 3rd row seats
  • Cargo Requirements:  Size/shape/weight of the cargo routinely carried in the vehicle
  • Automobile General Safety Requirements:  The safety systems installed on a vehicle as well as the automobile’s overall safety requirement are often dictated by factors such as drivers age, driving experience, driving style as well as the type/conditions of the roads routinely driven.  For example, a driver who often encounters challenging mountainous highways with sharp turns, would require active safety systems that maximize a vehicles handling/steering/braking capabilities.  A driver whose routine does not involve highway driving or high speed stops might not require a vehicle that prioritizes its braking system.  A driver whose routine often involves adverse driving conditions such as snow/ice and slick highways should consider a vehicle whose active safety systems prioritize advanced stability and AWD systems
  • Automobile Attribute Prioritization:  In design and engineering of an automobile, there is often a tradeoff between several engineering attributes.  For example, there is often a trade-off between attributes such as vehicle weight and handling dynamics, between a vehicle horsepower and fuel economy, between a vehicles handling and ride smoothness, etc.  It is very important for OC Auto Consultants specialists to understand the prospective buyer’s priorities, in order to select the vehicle that maximizes the fulfillment of these priority factors while minimizing the specific attributes that are direct tradeoffs to these priorities.  For example, a driver who often drives highways with poor pavement conditions; while not encountering mountainous curvy highways would often prioritize ride quality over vehicle handling/steering.  Or a driver who generally leases a vehicle every 3 years will probably not prioritize a comprehensive warranty that goes well beyond the 3 year ownership period
  • Prospective Buyers General Comfort/Luxury Desires:  Luxury/Comfort options such as Power Moonroof, Navigation System, Perimeter Camera Systems, Ventilated Seats, keyless start, multi-countour seats, Leather seats, multi-zone climate control, advanced sound systems, rear seat entertainment systems, sport suspension, over-sized wheels and 4WD are sometimes very costly and often not available on every single one of the models on sale in the US market.  OC Auto Consultants specialists continually analyze the availability/pricing of these options in order to assist our clients in choosing the model that fulfills their luxury and comfort requirements best


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