Obtaining Lowest Possible Price

The first and most critical step in saving the maximum $$$ on an automobile is taking advantage of purchase or lease specials on the specific make/model that offers the most attractive incentives from the manufacturer.  The 2nd most important step is selecting the right vehicle dealership that is willing to sell the vehicle in its inventory with the minimum profit at the lowest possible price.

Among more than 20,000 franchised new vehicle dealerships throughout continental 50 States, OC Auto Consultants ONLY works with a select network of 2500 dealerships that have given us the commitment to sell the automobiles in their inventory at the guaranteed lowest possible price while giving the OC Auto Consultants clients 5-Star service.  Once OC Auto Consultants contacts one of our network dealerships with details on a specific vehicle, the managers at these dealerships give us the absolute lowest possible price immediately, with zero hassle or haggling.

The 2500+ select dealerships that OC Auto Consultants works with throughout the United States are generally high volume dealerships that operate on a very high number of unit sales and quick turn-over of their inventory.  While these dealerships sell the vehicles in their inventory with minimum possible profit to OC Auto Consultants’ clients, they rely on a high volume of sales to make profit and survive.  Their contract with the vehicle manufacturers calls for a very high volume of sales for them to qualify for annual high-unit bonuses from their respective manufacturers.  Very often, these volume-based annual bonuses that come from the manufacturer are in the $500,000 to $800,000 range, thus allowing the dealerships to sell their inventory at minimum profit while still making an operating profit at the end of the year.

Example:  While a typical BMW dealership located at a large city in United States might sell for instance 500 BMWs per year at an average profit of $3000 per car, thus making 500 * $3000 = $1.5 Million profit per year, the high volume BMW dealership among the OC Auto Consultants’ network, located in the same city, will sell for instance 1500 BMWs per year at an average profit of $1000 per car, thus making 1500 * $1000 = $1.5 Million profit per year.  However, the same dealership, because it has met its high volume annual goal, might receive for instance a $800,000 annual bonus from the manufacturer BMW USA, thus ultimately making a profit of $1.5 Million + $800,000 = $2.3 Million

Because of their high volume commitment, the select dealerships among the network of OC Auto Consultants work based on a business model very similar to that of COSTCO.  They rely on very high volume of weekly/monthly/annual sales to achieve their profit goals.

Therefore it is imperative and essential that OC Auto Consultants sends these dealerships a high volume of committed and serious clients who will definitely purchase or lease a vehicle from them.  If OC Auto Consultants fails in its commitment of sending a large number of clients to them, these dealerships will no longer offer their exceptional pricing to our company.  Therefore, the livelihood of OC Auto Consultants is dependent on our client’s commitment to purchase or lease a vehicle within a week of initial contact with us.

Because of this 2-way commitment between OC Auto Consultants and our network of 2500 dealerships throughout United States, these dealerships expect our clients to visit the dealership and complete the transaction, once OC Auto Consultants contacts the dealership.  As a result, once OC Auto Consultants calls them to inquire about vehicle availability and pricing, they collect the client’s contact information (full name, address, telephone number, email address, etc.)

Note:  OC Auto Consultants’ clients will visit the dealership and complete the transaction (Purchase or Lease) within 48 hours of receiving the email with detailed information about the specific automobile, option list, pricing and dealership contact information.  This happens 100% of the time, no exceptions and no excuses are acceptable whatsoever.

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