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OC Auto Consultants has zero financial relationship with the network of the 2500+ dealerships throughout continental United States.  We receive 100% of our consulting fee from our clients who are prospective automobile buyers.  By keeping the company financially independent from the sellers of automobiles and dealerships, OC Auto Consultants has created a neutral consulting environment for the sole purpose of protecting the interest of our clients with zero bias toward any particular brand, manufacturer or dealership.

The consulting fee will be charged initially before the consultation starts and it will be a one-time fee.  There will be no additional fees or hidden fees until the end of the process when the client signs his/her new vehicle contract.  The consulting fee will be charged regardless of the client’s final decision of purchasing/leasing the automobile or not.The ONLY time additional fees will be charged is when additional vehicles are added, meaning when the client decides to purchase or lease more than one vehicle.

The consulting fee charged is for unlimited consultation to determine the most suitable make/model for the client and it is all-inclusive of all the services listed under “Our Services” tab.

While OC Auto Consultants one-time fee is fixed for the majority of automobiles (with the exception of automobiles with MSRP of over $100,000), when calculated in percentage they are generally less than 2% of the original MSRP of the vehicle.  For example, a consulting fee of $500 on a SUV with MSRP of $30,000 is less than 2% or a consulting fee of $800 on a luxury sedan with MSRP of $50,000 is less than 2%.

OC Auto Consultants has set its consulting fees exceptionally low to allow our clients to take advantage of its unprecedented services.

Note:  OC Auto Consultants’ fees are “Consulting Fees” not commissions on sale of automobile. Once the consulting begins and our consulting, information and research services are rendered, the fee will be charged regardless of whether the client ends up buying or leasing the vehicle or not.

The following table summarizes the one-time consulting fee charged by OC Auto Consultants:

Automobile MSRP

OC Auto One-Time Consulting Fee

Less than $40,000


$40,000 – $60,000


$60,000 – $100,000


More than $100,000

3% of Automobile MSRP



OC Auto Consultants Policies

Before a client contacts OC Auto Consultants to utilize its services, the prospective client should be committed to operate within the framework of OC Auto Consultants’ policies.

One Week Automobile Purchase/Lease Policy

The average time elapsed between the client’s initial contact with OC Auto Consultants and the time they sign their purchase/lease contract is 72 hours.  The maximum time is one week.  The only exception when the process might possibly take more than one week is when the client is looking for a very specific vehicle with a unique color/options combination that OC Auto Consultants has not been able to locate within United States.   Therefore the potential client should be ready to commit to purchase or lease of his/her new vehicle within a week of contacting OC Auto Consultants. Readiness includes both financial readiness and time-wise readiness.

The client has to have the time to conclude the lease/purchase process within a maximum of a week from the initial contact.   Often OC Auto Consultantsrecommends the test-drive of  2 or 3 different brands of automobiles to determine which one will the client personally prefer.  The potential client should have the time to perform these multiple test-drives within a week.  If the clients schedule doesn’t afford him/her to commit to test-drives or visiting the dealership within a week, the client is not ready to operate within the framework of OC Auto Consultants policies.

Financial readiness implies having a good or excellent credit as well as provable income if the client decides to lease or finance an automobile; or access to a Co-Signer who has excellent credit and provable income.  Furthermore, in certain cases, leasing or financing a vehicle requires a certain amount of cash down payment, so the client has to have access to cash shall down payment be required.

48-hour Email to Purchase Policy

  • OC Auto Consultants will send an email to the prospective client with the details of the automobile it has located for the client, details of the deal (i.e. Down payment, monthly payment, tax, mileage allowed, residual buyback, term of lease or finance, etc), and contact details for the dealership where the vehicle is located (address, name and phone number of the manager at the dealership).  The client is obligated to go to the dealership within 48 hours of receiving this email and signing the lease or purchase contract.  If the client DOES NOT sign the contract within 48 hours of receiving this email, OC Auto Consultants consulting fee will be charged and OC Auto will not guarantee the exceptional price it has found beyond the 48 hours and will not guarantee the availability of the vehicle at the specific dealership.

Major Reasons for the 48 hour Email Policy:

  • The special pricing found by OC Auto Consultants on the specific vehicle is time sensitive and might change after 48 hours.  Manufacturer subsidized specials are variable and often change weekly. Furthermore, the specific dealership’s incentive to offer that special discount might change beyond 48 hours of the offer.
  • Due to the situation of US economy during the past few years, automakers have drastically reduced their automobile productions and the US inventory of automobiles is significantly less than that of 5 years ago.  Therefore, the specific automobile with the specified color/options might be unique at the specific dealership and if the client doesn’t purchase or lease this vehicle within 48 hours of receiving the email, that unique vehicle might get sold and OC Auto Consultants will charge the client again if the vehicle found is sold and the search process has to start again.
  • OC Auto Consultants has a 2-way commitment with the network of 2500+ dealerships we work with within the continental 50 States.  The dealerships have given us a commitment to sell their vehicle with minimum profit and at the absolute lowest possible price while rendering OC Auto Consultants an exceptional 5-star service with minimal waste of time and zero hassle.  OC Auto Consultants has given these network of dealerships the commitment to send them clients in high volume.  Therefore it is very important that the clients who use OC Auto Consultants services to sign the contract and conclude the transaction at the dealership that has been referred to by OC Auto Consultants.
  • OC Auto Consultants does it from A to Z for you.  In addition to consulting with its clients to select the most suitable make/model available in the market and saving big $$$ by obtaining the absolute lowest possible price on their desired vehicle, OC Auto Consultants will save over 100 hours of on-line research, multiple visits to dealerships for test drives and the hassle and stress of negotiating with multiple dealerships.  By doing it all for you, OC Auto Consultants expects the prospective client to sign the purchase/lease contract within 48 hours or receiving the email since OC Auto Consultants leaves our clients zero excuse not to finish the transaction.

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