5-Star Dealership Experience

OC Auto Consultants is exceptionally particular and selective in choosing the new automobile dealerships that it refers its clients to.  Among 20,000+ new vehicle franchised dealerships in continental 50 states, OC Auto Consultants has chosen a select network of ONLY 2500 dealerships throughout United States that it works with.  Furthermore, these dealerships go through a rigorous and comprehensive annual review conducted by OC Auto Consultants and if they don’t perform well in their annual review, they are dropped out of the network and most likely replaced by a new dealership. 

For example, high volume luxury brands such as Lexus, BMW and Mercedes Benz each have over 30 new vehicle franchised dealerships in Southern California spread between Santa Barbara and San Diego.  OC Auto Consultants has chosen 4 out of 30 luxury dealerships which have extremely high-volume annual sales as well as  exceptional CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) to work with, i.e. we work with 4 Mercedes Benz, 4 Lexus and 4 BMW new franchised dealerships in Southern California.

This elite network of 2500 dealerships throughout the continental United States have given OC Auto Consultants the following commitments:

  • To offer the absolute lowest possible lease or purchase price on the vehicle offered to OC Auto Consultants clients meaning that they will sell or lease their automobile with absolute minimum profit
  • To put all the vehicle specification, trim line, color, options list and all the details of the transaction (Selling Price, Down Payment, Monthly Payment, Taxes, DMV Fees, Mileage Allowance, Term of leasing or financing, interest rate, Residual, etc.) in writing and email it or fax it over to OC Auto Consultants
  • To guarantee that not a single item on the above written list will change, not even slightly, at the time the client shows up to the dealership to complete the transaction.  Meaning once the client decides to hire OC Auto Consultants services, all the traditional games of vehicle trim line, options, color and the deal numbers changing from what has been agreed upon, are nothing but ancient history
  • To locate and try to dealer trade for the vehicle specified by our clients with the exact color and option combination, shall the dealership not have the specific vehicle in its inventory
  • To perform the credit application, credit approval and all the required paperwork ahead of time via fax and/or email, therefore the client spending the minimal amount of time at the dealership when they are physically present at the dealership
  • To treat the clients of OC Auto Consultants with courtesy and respect and 100% professionally
  • To perform a professional delivery of the automobile to the client by going over all the vehicle controls and buttons and explaining them in detail while answering the clients’ potential questions, prior to the client driving the vehicle off the dealership lot

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