OC Auto Consultants is an automotive market research and consulting firm. The chore of our business is performing continual technical and economic research on the 350+ distinct models of automobiles currently available in the US market. We consult with our clientele to assist them in choosing the make/model that suits their needs, driving style and economic situation best.  Once the vehicle make/model, color and options are determined, OC Auto Consultants will locate your specified vehicle at one of the dealerships within our network of 2500+ new car dealerships located in all major cities in Continental United States. Whether leasing or purchasing, OC Auto Consultants will guarantee you the lowest absolute possible market price for your desired vehicle, while eliminating all the hassle, waste of time and worries that have traditionally accompanied the car buying process.

Because we collect 100% of our fees from our clients and we have zero financial relationship with automakers and dealerships, we offer a neutral consulting environment, with zero bias toward a specific brand, created for the sole purpose of defending our clients interests and assisting them in choosing the most suitable automobile and obtaining the absolute lowest possible price.

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